Hilda Murrell

Dedicated to Hilda Murrell, murdered in UK in 1984

30th Anniversary Public Meeting

Posted by Kate Dewes on March 10, 2014

A public meeting to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Hilda Murrell’s murder is being held in Shrewsbury on Saturday 22 March from 5.30-7.30pm.  For more details see poster. Poster Shrewsbury (Rev) 24.2.14

2 Responses to “30th Anniversary Public Meeting”

  1. card2 said

    Dear Kate Be wary of Michael Mansfield. He must have known (Stephen Lawrence Inquiry) that Kent Police Authority had called on their Chief constable in August 97 for inquiry and report into the Deal Barracks bombing, the sabotage and company fraud in supply chain of emergency backup diesel generators to nuclear power plant etc. The inquiry called for should have compromised Kent Police handling of the Stephen Lawrence case because of the use of Deal Barracks by International Bodyguards Assn. If the inquiry had been conducted then it would have looked at Croydon where IBA had been interviewed (and one convicted) in the gun supply for then murder 1993 of a money launderer Donald Urquhart. The Head of IBA worked for Charlie Kray at Croydon and that was connected with the notorious Clifford Norris and RCS in which was serving the now much named Det sgt John Davidson. Rob now knows that Lord Carlile QC has asked questions on the new information about company fraud in the supply of Sea Wolf. He obviously knows about the close call serious nuclear incident 2012 at Devonport due to failing backup gennies. Rob has known since the early 90s about Gwent SB suspicions of saboteurs at Plessey torpedoes but that the cause of unreliability was company fraud and a wrongly wired factory. Mansfield should also know more about this through his charity British Irish Rights watch and Rosemary Nelson Tribunal re Kent Chief constable being sent off the murder inquiry. Either he knows and keeps quiet or he aint too good at getting to know all the relevant information. By all means forward this email to him. I think the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry has done huge damage and created huge tensions and division lines in UK. It was us in Kent by the way who sent Met the details of a cell mate confession to the Lawrence killing. It identified a man who is not one of the convicted pair. Lord knows why someone told Bill true about it. Bill was the neighbouring landowner who sut down the notorious 6th Thanet Gun range in 1995 and then his family faced over 15 years of venomous Kent Police persecution far worse than the so called ordeals of our black population. Best wishes Richard

    Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 07:56:32 +0000 To: richardcard833@hotmail.com

  2. card2 said

    Dear Kate I would appreciate knowing whether Rob briefed Michael Mansfield re Plessey Torpedos and Gwent Special Branch inquiries and document burglary with dog excrement smeared threats on the lounge wall of the retired Regional Crime Squad officer. The crime complaint I made was whilst Anthony Burden was Chief constable. The man who later turned up as a Tribunal member of Rosemary Nelson inquiry. An inquiry to which British Irish Rights Watch made a submission about right wing that was little more than conspiracy theory IIRC. When Roger Evans MP reported 94/95 to MOD and DTI the Plessey Gwent Special Branch case was transferred to MOD Police/MOD Procurement liaison for nil action. But Roger’s report was linked to the prima facie crime report of sabotage against Petbow Generators Kent. The circumstantial case, linking the alleged saboteur to League of St George AND National Front 1970s and the paramilitary live fire training groups set up at Deal Barracks 76 to 82 AND the breach of Deal Barracks security 88/89 prior to the terrorist bombing, is looking much stronger now. I infer that Mrs Thatcher must have been briefed (at the time her and Nott were against sending a Task Force) re Sea Wolf. acoustic pathways, Plessey torpedos and sonar and Lord knows what else re RN true parlous state. It was only 4 years after a 100% recall of torps on sea trial. But these manufacturers know they are untouchable so they have no motive to kill someone. I still think if the motive was secret services it was about a cumulative danger represented by Hilda rather than a specific danger (like specifically Belgrano or specifically Sizewell). That could be the State agency knowing our true states of weakness and vulnerability or the people helping cause our vulnerability and weakness. Keep punching Best of luck

    Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 07:56:32 +0000 To: richardcard833@hotmail.com

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