Hilda Murrell

Dedicated to Hilda Murrell, murdered in UK in 1984

Media Coverage from Shropshire

Posted by Kate Dewes on April 2, 2014

There was quite a lot of coverage of the 30th anniversary of the murder in the Shropshire Star over the past few weeks. It has now been uploaded onto the website under News/Reviews.

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30th Anniversary Public Meeting

Posted by Kate Dewes on March 10, 2014

A public meeting to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Hilda Murrell’s murder is being held in Shrewsbury on Saturday 22 March from 5.30-7.30pm.  For more details see poster. Poster Shrewsbury (Rev) 24.2.14

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Sign Petition for Commission of Inquiry

Posted by Kate Dewes on March 10, 2014

Please sign this petition, started by a British man in Tanzania a few weeks ago, and promote it through your networks. It has nearly 400 signatures so far.

The British Government: To open a public enquiry on the murder of Hilda Murrell

An elderly and intelligent woman who did her duty for Britain during WW2 was brutally murdered after the Falklands War. Many people believe that the person found guilty some 21yrs after the event is wrongly imprisoned for a crime that many, including British M.P’s and leading UK barristers not to mention much of the press believe was a cover-up by The U.K.Establishment at the time of The Falklands. Hilda Murrell was a peace campaigner and active opponent of nuclear energy and was due to be a witness at an independent tribunal set up to review Britain’s nuclear energy industry. She was murdered just before she was due to give evidence. Both incompetence at the time by the police services plus reports of MI5 interference have made many now doubt the verdict.

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Presentation to NZ Intelligence & Security Committee

Posted by Kate Dewes on July 31, 2013

The 15 minute  presentation by Robert Green and Kate Dewes to the NZ Intelligence and Security Committee on 3 July 2013 is now up under ‘news/reviews’ on this website.

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UK Mail on Sunday feature on Hilda case

Posted by Kate Dewes on July 20, 2013

There will be a large feature article in the Mail on Sunday in the UK tomorrow.  It will be available online from their website and we will regularly update the website with new media coverage.

A new EDM has been tabled this week in the UK Parliament  http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2013-14/433 with 34 signatures already.  There are 26 Scottish MPs and 45 New Zealand MPs supporting the call for a Commission of Inquiry into the case.

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NZ Parliament Intelligence and Security Committee hearings

Posted by Kate Dewes on July 4, 2013

Yesterday, Robert Green and Kate Dewes appeared before the NZ Intelligence and Security Committee chaired by the NZ Prime Minister.  The government is trying to amend legislation to allow the Government Communications and Security Bureau to ‘legally’ spy on New Zealanders.  We were able to show the Committee examples of opened mail in NZ, UK etc, and tell them about break-ins to our Christchurch home.  Watch the Campbell Live TV3 feature on this website under news/reviews to see some of our presentation to the Committee.


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Early Day Motion Tabled in House of Commons UK

Posted by Kate Dewes on November 12, 2012

 As of 12 November 2012, 54 MPs are calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the case. 

Text below:


  • Session: 2012-13
  • Date tabled: 03.07.2012
  • Primary sponsor: Austin Mitchell
    Sponsors:  Jeremy Corbyn, John Cryer, Kelvin Hopkins, Charles Kennedy, Dennis Skinner
  • That this House notes with concern that, as documented in the recent book entitled, A Thorn in Their Side: The Hilda Murrell Murder, by her nephew,Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (retired), key forensic and other evidence was not disclosed at the 2005 trial and the 2006 appeal of Andrew George, who was convicted for the abduction and murder of the internationally renowned rose grower and anti-nuclear campaigner Hilda Murrell in 1984; further notes Michael Mansfield QC’s view that the book raises serious and substantial doubts about the criminal investigations to date into this controversial murder; supports Mansfield’s call for a Commission of Inquiry or a reinvestigation by another police force unconnected with any previous inquiries into the case; further notes the overwhelming endorsement of the same at public meetings in Shrewsbury and London in March 2012; recommends that all the relevant papers should now be published by the Home Office, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Sizewell B Inquiry, the Atomic Energy Authority, the West Mercia Police and the Northumbria Police; andfurther recommends that all these matters should be examined by the House of Commons Justice Committee.

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Mansfield QC article in Guardian

Posted by Kate Dewes on March 21, 2012

A major article in The Guardian today (20 March) by renowned defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC calls for the criminal investigation ‘ to be re-opened by an independent police force unconnected with any previous enquiries’ or for ‘an Independent Commission of Enquiry’.

Mansfield will be addressing a public meeting in London at the University of London Union, Malet Street, Room 3E at 7.30pm on Friday 23 March, along with Hilda Murrell’s nephew Commander Robert Green.

On Monday 19 March, the UK Daily Mirror reported about the loss of Hilda’s body parts relating to toxicology tests. Read full articles under News/Links on this website.

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Books available in UK

Posted by Kate Dewes on January 2, 2012

A Thorn in Their Side is now available from Pengwern Books in Shrewsbury and Amazon UK.  They will soon be available from CND in London from their website.

There are new reviews from the UK and New Zealand for the book posted on this website under News/Links.

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Update media on Hilda Murrell

Posted by Kate Dewes on November 8, 2011

Have a listen to  Hilda Murrell’s nephew Robert Green being interviewed on Radio New Zealand’s Sunday Morning programme: Sunday morning with Chris Laidlaw: Interview with Robert Green (30 October 2011)

Also, the New Zealand Listener article is now up in full under News/Links on this website.

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