Hilda Murrell

Dedicated to Hilda Murrell, murdered in UK in 1984


This page will be updated regularly. Links to recent media coverage, book reviews and useful websites about the Hilda Murrell murder case include :


Stop Hinkley website (4 February 2023) Taking up Hilda’s Torch: Robert Green’s account of his contribution to the 1988/9 Hinkley C Inquiry

Tony Gosling interview with Rob Green (16 February 2023): Murdered anti-nuclear activist Hilda Murrell was WW2 Bletchley Park supervisor

Encyclopedia Womannica ( 30 November 2022)  Peacebuilders: Hilda Murrell 

New Zealand Gardener ( November 2022)    Mystery of the Murrell rose

Otago Daily Times (15 August 2022) ‘Special’ rose planted at Mona Vale in honour of murdered namesake 

PDF Hilda’s rose planted at Mona Vale

UK Sunday Mirror (14 August 22)   Why I believe my anti-nuke aunt died at the hands of British spies Page 1

Page 2

Sputnik International                                                                                       

  Was the Murder of British Anti-Nuclear Campaigner State Sanctioned?  (May 2018)

Shropshire Star (UK)
Call for Hilda Murrell case to be re-examined (24 March 2014)

Shropshire Star (UK)
Opening the Murrell Files (Special Report, 21 March 2014)
Murrell Case is ‘still a mystery’  (21 March 2014)

Shropshire Star (UK)
Hilda Murrell case in public spotlight (10 March 2014)

The Telegraph (UK)
Top Political Conspiracy Theories (1 November 2013)

Sunday Star Times (New Zealand)
Spies, Lies and Murder by Steve Kilgallon (online version 4 August 2013)
PDF of printed version of Spies, Lies and Murder (4 August 2013)

The Mail on Sunday UK
Why I, a former intelligence chief, believe sinking
of Belgrano made MI5 murder my crusading aunt (21 July 2013)
PDF of printed version of the above article

BBC News Shropshire
Hilda Murrell murder: MP’s call for Hillsborough-style inquiry (17 July 2013)

Campbell Live TV3 News
Kate and Robert’s GCSB Story (3 July 2013)

Presentation to NZ Security and Intelligence Committee
Kate Dewes and Robert Green: GCSB Bill Select Committee (3 July 2013)

MSN NZ (New Zealand)
Spying victims call for relief from hell (3 July 2013)

Shropshire Star
Hopes for clues on Hilda Murrell death (4 June 2013)

Shropshire Star
Trip marks 29 years since Hilda Murrell’s murder (21 March 2013)

True Crime Magazine UK
Who really killed Hilda Murrell? (October 2012)

Sunday Express UK
Help find my aunt’s killer (29 July 2012)

Shropshire Star
MPs back call for fresh Hilda Murrell case probe (20 July 2012)

Sunday Express UK News
MP demands new inquiry into mystery of protester’s brutal murder (15 July 2012)
Evidence fails to add up (15 July 2012)

The Star (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Search for UK murder truth continues by Kate Shuttleworth (15 June 2012)

TVNZ Close Up
Murder,Secrets and Spies (23 May 2012)

BBC TV News Shropshire
Hilda Murrell: Killer’s cell mate says others involved (25 April 2012)

BBC TV Midlands Today
New inquiry urged into campaigner Hilda Murrell’s murder (26 March 2012)

Sunday Express
Did secret agents murder protestor? (25 March 2012)

BBC News Shropshire
Hilda Murrell murder: Police reject fresh inquiry calls (24 March 2012)

BBC TV Midlands Today                                                                                                                       Evening News (23 March 2012)
Please note that it starts 6 minutes into the bulletin and includes an interview with Michael Mansfield QC. Amazingly, there are 3 technical hitches including cutting off the interview with Robert Green.  There were also communication problems between BBCTV in Birmingham and  the Westminster  BBC Studio before  he was interviewed for 10 minutes. This programme is now not available on line.

Shropshire Star
Public back call for new Murrell probe (22 March 2012)

Shropshire Star
MI5 officers invited to Hilda Murrell talk (21 March 2012)
Murrell family’s new information plea (20 March 2012)

The Guardian
Who really killed Hilda Murrell?
Michael Mansfield QC (20 March 2012)

Daily Mirror
Nuke Riddle Murder Victim’s Brain is Lost  (19 March 2012)

The Sunday Guardian/Observer
Hilda Murrell murder: call to examine ‘MI5 link’ to murder of nuclear activist (18 March 2012)

Shropshire Star
Top lawyer to talk in Shropshire on Hilda Murrell murder  (15 March 2012)

Christchurch Press
Aunt’s bizarre death probed (18 February 2012)

The Star (Christchurch)
UK murder truth sought  (15 February 2012)

radioLitopia  ‘Between the Lines’  (UK)
Who Killed Hilda Murrell ? (14 February 2012)

Mail on Sunday (UK)
DNA evidence revives mystery of nuclear protester’s murder and British Intelligence involvement
as doubt is case on killer’s conviction  
 (12 February 2012)

Nelson Mail
Disturbing secrets unveiled  (7 December 2011)

Wairarapa Times Age
Hilda Murrell book hits shelves (25 November 2011)

Radio New Zealand
Sunday morning with Chris Laidlaw: Interview with Robert Green (30 October 2011)

Shropshire Star
Murrell book reveals new death theory (22 October 2011)

International Launch of ‘A Thorn in Their Side: The Hilda Murrell Murder’
Speech by renowned New Zealand author Fiona Farrell (14 October 2011)

Speech by Robert Green, author of A Thorn in Their Side: The Hilda Murrell Murder (14 October 2011)

The Dominion Post
Hilda Murrell book published under cover (19 October 2011)

New Zealand Listener
Spooky Business: Commander Robert Green and Kate Dewes interview  (13 October 2011)

International Scoop News
International Launch of A Thorn in Their Side  (12 October 2011)

Otago Daily Times
Mystery Death of A Rose Grower (12 October 2011)

Crime Watch
True Crime: Does a new book from a kiwi author lift the lid on a controversial UK murder case?  (12 October 2011)

Television New Zealand News
[Video] Chch Man Claims British Intelligence Murder Link (8 October 2011)

The Christchurch Press
Peace activist target of ‘official’ hit squad (8 October 2011)

Shropshire Star
New book casts doubt on Hilda Murrell conviction (23 October 2011)
Nephew says Reopen Hilda Murrell Case  ( 8 October 2011)



The Spokesman (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation UK) Number 124, pp113-117
Thirty years on reviewed by Tony Simpson  (May 2014)

Southland Times (New Zealand)
A Thorn in Their Side: Reviewed by Naida Mulligan (15 July 2012)

Tui Motu InterIslands (New Zealand)
A different kind of murder mystery by John Gould  (June 2012)

Peace Researcher (New Zealand) Number 43
Review by Jeremy Agar (May 2012)

The Herald Scotland
‘Why did Hilda die?’ by Steve Briggs (Sunday 15 April 2012)

Bay of Plenty Advocate 
Book Review  by Angela Stratton (18 March 2012)

Weekly Worker UK
‘Choose your conspiracy’ by Dave Douglass (2 February 2012)

Nigel Chamberlain on NATO Watch website
Book Review  (27 January 2012)

Wheeler’s Corner New Zealand
Robert Green “A Thorn in Their Side” (31 December 2011)

ClickonWales  by John Osmond
The Murder of Hilda Murrell (28 November 2011)

Beattie’s Book Blog – unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community
Challenging and intriguing assignment for Masterton-based book publisher (11 October 2011)

Lobster Issue 62 Winter 2011 by Robin Ramsay
The Hilda Murrell Murder by Robert Green with Kate Dewes




Hilda Murrell Murder and Abduction

BBC Radio Shropshire
Hilda Murrell: A Rose of England (11 November 2009)
Hilda Murrell: An Enduring Enigma (10 November 2009)

BBC  Archives 2004-2012

Hilda Murrell

New Zealand Disarmament & Security Centre
Biographical papers by Robert Green

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