Hilda Murrell

Dedicated to Hilda Murrell, murdered in UK in 1984



Former British Navy Commander Robert Green, has written a new edition of the book ‘A Thorn In Their Side‘, about his pursuit of the truth, in which he reveals fresh evidence.A Thorn In Their Side Bformat Cover2 CMYK_The Crossbow killer

                             To date, 9 previous books have featured Hilda Murrell’s murder:

Death of a Rose Grower by Graham Smith (Cecil Woolf, London, 1985)

Who Killed Hilda Murrell? by Judith Cook (New English Library, London, 1985)

Hilda Murrell’s Nature Diaries 1961-1983 Edited by Charles Sinker (Collins, London, 1987)

Enemies of the State by Gary Murray (Simon & Schuster, London, 1993)

Unlawful Killing by Judith Cook (Bloomsbury, London, 1994)

Grace by Maggie Gee (Heinemann, London, 1988)

The Detective and the Doctor: A Murder Casebook by D.J Cole and P.R Acland (Robert Hale, London, 1994)

Unsolved Murders: When Killers Escape Justice by Russell Gould (Virgin Books Ltd, London, 2002)

Voodoo Histories: The role of the conspiracy theory in shaping modern history by David Aaronovitch (Jonathon Cape, London, 2009)


YouTube documentary (2020)

The Murder of Hilda Murrell: A new, anonymous hour long compilation of film clips with voice over by Hilda Murrell’s nephew Robert Green from his April 2012 presentation (see below).

Channel Four UK TV Documentary (1993)

Hilda Murrell: Interviews with politician Tam Dalyell, MI5 Agent Gary Murray, Hilda Murrell’s friend Catriona Guthrie (Child) and Hilda Murrell’s nephew Commander Robert Green.

Central Independent TV documentary (1994)

‘Who Killed Hilda Murrell?’:  Narrated by Mark Halliley to mark the 10th anniversary of the case, featuring John Stalker, ex-Deputy Chief Constable of Manchester. This documentary is critiqued in Chapter 8 of her nephew Robert Green’s book ‘ A Thorn in Their Side’.

Scottish Independence: Secrets and Lies Part 2 SPOOKS (October 2012)

Features the controversial death of Willie MacRae and his outspoken concern about Hilda Murrell’s murder.  Contains early interviews with Hilda’s nephew Robert Green, scientist Don Arnott and former MI5 agent Gary Murray.

Assassination of Hilda Murrell (April 2012)

Presentation by Robert Green to Veterans for Peace, London, UK.

Robert Green TEDx talk (October 2017)

This 19 minute talk ‘The Insanity of Nuclear Deterrence’ includes reference to Hilda Murrell, 28 October 2017.

The Crimewatch Years Special Edition 75 Murders 1984 – 1989 (Dec 19 2018)

The first Crimewatch programme about the murder of Hilda Murrell broadcast in March 1985.


Strange Stories UK: The Hilda Murrell murder Part 1  (16 April 2021)  by David Crespin

Part 2          Part 3

Hilda Murrell Murdered by the British State?

Interview with Robert Green on SFM Radio in June 2016 by Jason McCrossan

A thorn in the side: the murder of Hilda Murrell
Documentary, 20 March 1985, presented by Sue Plummer

Woman’s Hour Jenni Murray interview with Robert Green
BBC Radio 4 (24 September 2002)


Who Killed Hilda Murrell? An investigation by Chris Martin


Crucible Studio, Sheffield : March 1986     

Music Hall, Shrewsbury : March 1986

Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn, London : May-June 1986

Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, London : July 1986

New Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent : January 1987

Gulbenkian Studio, Newcastle upon Tyne : January 1987

Central Studio, Basingstoke : February-March 1987

Curtain Theatre, Rochdale : April 1991

Celestial Blue : The life and death of Hilda Murrell

by Christopher Haydon


Gate Theatre, Notting Hill, London : August 1986

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: August 1986

Shrewsbury School : September 1986

Glasgow : September 1986

Duke of Cambridge, Notting Hill, London : June 1987

Gateway Theatre, Chester : July 1987

Ludlow Festival: July 1987

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: August 1987


Unlawful Killing  

A political thriller by Judith Cook

Theatre Royal, Stratford East, London : March-April 1991



‘The Rose Grower’ (The banned song about the murder of activist Hilda Murrell)
The song was released in 1988 on the album ‘The Baby Within us Marches on’ by Attacco Decente. It is one of the few songs banned from receiving airplay in the UK: The song tells the story of Hilda Murrell’s murder. The song is also an expression of love, respect, admiration and solidarity. It is twenty eight years since Hilda Murrell’s murder.

Do you Lie? by Heeley King.
Written and recorded in the mid 1980s.

One Response to “Books/Films/Radio”

  1. About twenty years ago, The BBC made a drama serial called Between The Lines about investigating police corruption or criminal activity. Watching the drama at the time, the final two episodes of Series Two began with the investigation into the murder of an elderly anti -nuclear campaigner – who had hidden documents for a nephew who worked for the Ministry of Defence and who was leaking documents to the press. A case of life imitating art – or even vice- versa.
    However, living in Shrewsbury – as soon as it was on the tv, it was pretty obvious, that this wasn’t just drama but was making a direct nod to the events in Shrewsbury in the Mid-Eighties. I am not accusing Miss Murrell’s nephew of leaking documents to the press, that was just part of the story which led to the conclusion of series two – what was interesting was the murder of an elderly anti – nuclear campaigner and the way she was murdered by the state with links to the RUC, MI5 and Special Branch.
    It didn’t need a great leap of imagination to see certain similarities between the two stories.
    Should anybody ever watch this drama – it will be up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions.
    Best wishes

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