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Presentation to NZ Intelligence & Security Committee

Posted by Kate Dewes on July 31, 2013

The 15 minute ┬ápresentation by Robert Green and Kate Dewes to the NZ Intelligence and Security Committee on 3 July 2013 is now up under ‘news/reviews’ on this website.

3 Responses to “Presentation to NZ Intelligence & Security Committee”

  1. card2 said

    Kate I had trouble getting my comment to send. The story by Knight is about an identification anomaly Pectus Recurvatum being used to challenge the identify attributed to a sudden death victim. IE The victim had a congenital chest deformity that the person whose identity was used did not have.

    Robert will immediately recognise this as the real life situation in Matron McGill Decd. After Knights expert opinion 1992, on the original autopsy of 1972, a check of Matron McGill’s New Zealand medical records shew she did not have congenital pectus revuravatum

    Robert may also recall that Knight did not reply when informed of this. But he was acting free.

    In any event the winging of the costal margin described in McGILL Decd in no way resembles images of pectus recurvatum.

    BUt this means in my opinion the opinion Knight failed to flag up 3 matters of probable forensic significance

    Ileac crest bruising (In fact an indicator to investigate possible anal sexual assault)

    Shin bruising being “Tramline” which is what results from a blow from a circular shaft weapon

    Costal margin winging

    On another topic I raised some sort of site inquiry by the nuclear watchdog at Dungeness A into an historical situation brought to my attention by a backup genny engineer.

    The fault appears to me to have been earth fault on emergency power distribution.

    I will not be told what they found on the records for service and repair visits.

    But Robert may keep in mind that if a fault like that has to be traced then a bridge test like Murral Loop might be used to know where to dig with the old JCB.

    Maybe something to bear in mind with the 1998 Dounreay incident ? JCB carrying out building work on site cut through power cable explanation.

    I will never know enough to work out whether this was or was not a situation that could have been achieved by lurking sabotage.It sounds more like poor site maintenance and fault follow up.

  2. card2 said

    It was Knight who chose to infer from the description of costal margin winging that it was innocent pectus recuravtum. Of no forensic significance. When Mac McGill of Putaruru got a doc to check his late sisters medical records and it came back she did not have pectus recuravtum that must have left Knight a quandary. Either the body was not Mary McGILL or he would have to review his expert opinion.

    As it happens he kept quiet but he was acting free.

  3. card2 said

    Excuse my aging memory. I did tell Robert about the 1970s 100% recall of torpedo systems on RN Bahamas sea trial ? They had all been certified at Plessey Newport as passing test but in fact all had the wrong fairchild chip in and could never have worked. So falsification of RN Test data was occurring at the plant from the moment it transferred to Wales.

    I was given the name of the director who allegedly orchestrated test falsification just to push production out the door. I sent it on to Gwent Chief constable but forget if I told Robert (I probably did but I forget)

    I was always doubtful about the story that management directed Special Branch inquiries to a cable cut within a cable loom in post op torp secure store. It was easy to get in as a site sparkie as you could take the overhead travelling crane over the store and climb in via the jib. But I always thought it was a case of someone creating a red herring to keep SB busy. All the time they were chasing non existent saboteurs the directors and managers stayed in work and of course the real technical reasons for product unreliability were not found. Until yours truly 1989.

    As you know when Roger Evans MP reported to MOD and DTI James Arburhnot MP Minister must have had a headache as the USA was suing other UK manufacturers for this sort of thing in the supply chain to their armed forces. The Gwent SB case was transferred to MOD Plod MOD Procurement liaison and I heard no more.

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