Hilda Murrell

Dedicated to Hilda Murrell, murdered in UK in 1984

New Book On Hilda Murrell Murder Published

Posted by Kate Dewes on September 15, 2011

A message from the author Robert Green – Hilda Murrell’s nephew:

“After 27 years, this is the story of my 27-year pursuit of the truth about how and why my beloved aunt Hilda Murrell met a violent, bizarre death in 1984 near her home town of Shrewsbury, England. In one of the most baffling British murders of the 20th century, the police theory that a lone, panicking burglar robbed and abducted Hilda in her own car for petty cash erupted into a sensational political conspiracy involving Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s plans for nuclear energy and the controversial sinking of the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano in the 1982 Falklands War.

At the age of 78 Hilda, a world-renowned rose grower turned anti-nuclear campaigner, had just gained approval to testify on the unsolved problems of radioactive waste at the first British planning inquiry into a new nuclear power plant at Sizewell in Suffolk.

The West Mercia Police took until 2005 to secure the conviction of Andrew George as Hilda’s unlikely killer – in 1984 he was a 16-year-old truant from a local foster home who could not drive.

Despite ongoing harassment, even after moving to New Zealand, in my book I expose the implausibility of the police theory; how key witnesses were leant on to change statements, and information suggesting political motives was dismissed. I have uncovered explosive new evidence which should have acquitted George.

I conclude that Hilda was abducted to find out what she knew about the Falklands War (in which I was a key Intelligence officer) and problems in the proposed Sizewell nuclear power plant, similar to the one which failed disastrously at Three Mile Island in 1979.

As the current British government presses to replace nuclear power plants despite the nuclear catastrophe in  Japan, this disturbing saga of a distinguished elderly British woman and law-abiding patriot is highly topical.”


One Response to “New Book On Hilda Murrell Murder Published”

  1. SWAN Admin said

    Fantastic – a timely reminder of the lengths that governments and the nuclear industry will go to to keep their dirty dangerous technology in the public domain…

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